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Our Mission

The Radio Reading Network of Maryland provides access to newspapers, magazines and books for those persons who are either visually or physically impaired to the degree that they cannot read for themselves. Our mission is to keep visually and physically impaired persons as much in touch with current events on the local, national, and international scene as the sighted population.

Three Ways to Listen!

Those with internet access can listen online with a Windows or Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device, and many tablets.

Click here to listen with your iPhone or Windows Standalone media player
Click Here to Listen Within Your Web Browser

Maryland residents can hear programs on a special radio/receiver available through The Radio Reading Network. The receiver is leased for an annual fee of $50 payable in two installments. In case of need, the fee can be waived. If you would like to lease a radio/receiver for yourself or perhaps as a gift for a friend or relative, Download Listener Application Document. Print and fill out the document and mail with a check for $50 to
Radio Reading Network Of Maryland
3501 Taylor Ave
Baltimore, MD 21236
If you are unable to read and print this document from your computer, please call our office at 410-779-4969.

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